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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fully Raw Kristina

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Hey y'all!

Time for some more health stuff! Today I want to introduce you to Fully Raw Kristina. She is a fully raw vegan, a free spirit and artist, living in Houston TX and she is SO AWESOME!! She is the founder of the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the U.S. and has been eating 100% raw for almost 10 years. She overcame hyperglycemia by taking on a fully raw lifestyle. She is an amazing person and such a great inspiration in my life! Her Youtube channel Fully Raw Kristina is so inspirational! Here she shares her fully raw recipes, advice and personal stories about her lifestyle.
As some of you might know, I live a very healthy life style, 99% of my diet is vegan and about 75% fully raw (and organic of course!). I live in the Netherlands and I wish I could transform to a fully raw vegan lifestyle, but unfortunately the weather doesn't let me, I love my warm vegan meals too much in Autumn and Winter and I choose not to miss them (yet!). It's way easier to live a fully raw lifestyle in Texas :). Pretty jealous of Kristina she lives in a warm climate!

This channel is a must watch! Get inspired by Kristina.. and hell yeah she will! Sharing some of my favorite video's! You can also visit Kristina at www.fullyraw.com.


FullyRaw Red Velvet Cupcakes with Strawberry Vanilla Icing!

FullyRaw Pasta with Avocado Basil Pesto!

FullyRaw Chocolate Pecan Pie!

5 FullyRaw Salad Dressings!

3 Easy & Delicious FullyRaw Smoothie Recipes!

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Source: Fully Raw Kristina

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  1. Such delicious food! I will check out your channel.

  2. I will go check this out these look delicious and I am always trying to find new healthy recipes!! Xx


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