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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Free People Wild & Free Lookbook

 photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-00_zpsbootycon.jpg

Although I'm pretty pissed with Free People lately, I can't help myself to share this awesome Wild & Free Lookbook. Prices are getting way too high and somehow the quality is getting worse, have anyone else noticed this? Anyway, things still look so divine, that's why I go back again and again. Every time I buy something online (unfortunately Europe doesn't have FP stores) I pray that the item I bought is of good quality. Luckily I'm a clothing designer and know how to repair, but well, that shouldn't suppose to happen to clothing around 100 bucks. Seriously ridic! Anyway, complained enough :). I'm in love with this lookbook!! Isn't it gorgeous?


 photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-03_zpsmucmwrxd.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-01_zpsl3kezhkt.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-02_zpsy5rhl8ri.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-08_zpsoxwkferx.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-07_zpsepvys9sp.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-09_zpstf1y5gzm.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-06_zps9v9b5pq5.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-10_zpscpa97jne.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-05_zpsefcyrpwi.jpg  photo Free-People-Wild-And-Free-04_zps6kbbocyf.jpg

Image Source: Free People

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  1. Everything it's so pretty !



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