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Saturday, February 21, 2015

New In | Free People February 2015

 photo Untitled-1 copy_zps9sxbtzpq.jpg

Wow, the start-up for my blog this year has been kinda slow. Too much work to do to really get back into it after the crazy holidays. But hey, we'll get there! I've been postponing visiting all my favorite blogs, but today is THE day. Can't wait to catch up with all my blog girlfriends! Definately missed y'all! :P

Sharing some Free People today! It has been a while, but to be fairly honest I've been pretty pissed off with Free People. To make a long story short, they really screwed up one of my orders and because of their omission I ended up with nothing. Anyway, still love them and always will :). Here are some of my favorites for February!


 photo 34714691_011_a_zpsaoxsmfys.jpg photo 34489476_085_a_zps9qat1poj.jpg

 photo 34555664_040_a_zpsy90driyg.jpg photo 35147867_011_a_zpswpvmctz3.jpg

 photo 34781310_066_a_zpsjbeflmqj.jpg photo 35264050_060_a_zpscmsz0baj.jpg

Image Source: Free People


  1. Love the outfit of the second photo :) When I read your name I thought you were portuguese :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Hihi nope, Dutchy here! My hub is Mexican... ;)

  2. I always want at least 50% off the Free People catalogs, haha. SO gorgeous!

    Yea, I don't really do full Harry Potter dress up either. Although I have the Gryffindor sweater, a Weasley sweater and some t-shirts (don't really wear the t-shirts or Gryffindor sweater much, but the Weasley one is nice and warm for Winter!) And yes, people definitely think I'm crazy. Especially since I run a Harry Potter fan site and one for Matthew Lewis (Neville)

    Oh my goodness, that is so funny that you saw the Extreme Cheapskates episode! Wasn't my acting lovely, haha ;) Do you follow Lydia's blog too? (she was the "crazy person", I was the "normal one")

    1. Yep, I'm probably a crazier Harry Potter fan than you ;)
      And Lydia's blog is http://iamchiconthecheap.com/

    2. Oh and I love Star Wars too! So good!!

    3. Thanks!! Yes, you definately are a crazier fan than me :P!

  3. Hey! such a long time!! how are you Lucia? thank you so much for passing by my blog again :) nice to see you there. xoxo Juls www.theulifestyle.com

    1. Thanks Juls!! :) I'm doing great!! Will be keeping up with your posts from now, I kinda fell behind :P.

  4. Lovely range ! Xxx loved reading your views and can't wait for your next post :) have a wonderful day xx Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X http://xbeyoutifulx.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Jeeej wat fijn dat je terug bent! :D Heel blij en trots om te horen dat je designs zo goed draaien! Twee features in Amerikaanse magazines, WAUW! Heel goed bezig meid, keep up the good work! En je hebt helemaal gelijk, beter veel werk en weinig blogposts dan andersom ;)

    Jammer dat Free People je bestelling zo verpest heeft :( Heb het ook gehad met Asos.. Grrrr! Kan zo frustrerend zijn! Maar je komt toch altijd terug haha :p Mooie collectie is het overigens weer!

    Yes inderdaad erg lange dagen hier, maar ik ben heel blij en leer inderdaad erg veel bij, ti's zo interessant! Normaal mocht ik vandaag vroeger stoppen maar uiteindelijk was er toch weer zoveel werk dat ik om 18:30 buiten was haha! Maar ach ti's het waard, en ik ben al zo blij dat ik deze kans krijg, ti's echt een fantastische ervaring!

    XOXO Imke

  6. thanks for sharing, i love the photos!!!

    Dani Acevedo

  7. Well hello! Long time no write :) welcome back. I adore all of these outfits. You can tell when a place has great items when you still love them after screwing up an order!


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