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Monday, January 12, 2015

Belle Armoire Winter 2015 Feature

The Bohemian Dream Feature Belle Armoire Winter 2015

Many amazing things are happening lately, as well for The Bohemian Dream! Last year I was happy to be contacted by the editor of Altered Couture Magazine to be featured in the Summer 2014 issue. This year I'll be featured in several of Stampington & Co's magazines, which I'm very grateful for. I'm actually talking with the editor about new articles for the magazine, which I will be writing this year!

Sharing my first feature in Belle Armoire, which came out January 1st! A five page spread, wow! Featuring some of my Bohemian Hippie blouses I've created from organic cotton. My model Jewel looks amazing as always, she is such a beauty. February 1st a new issue of Altered Couture will come out, where I will be featured in as well with some great upcycled designs. Me = happy! :) If you are interested in a copy, you can get it here.

Hope everything is good with you girls! How's life been lately? Will be catching up soon!


The Bohemian Dream Feature Belle Armoire Winter 2015
The Bohemian Dream Feature Belle Armoire Winter 2015
The Bohemian Dream Feature Belle Armoire Winter 2015

Source: Belle Armoire Magazine Winter Issue 2015 by Stampington & Co, featuring The Bohemian Dream


  1. CONGRATS! Echt, wat een super nieuws, en een heerlijke manier om het jaar te beginnen!
    Dat er nog veel zulke spreads mogen volgen!
    Ik hoop dat je een heel fijne eindejaarsperiode hebt gehad, vol liefde, lekker eten, en goede drankjes, en ik wens je het allerbeste voor 2015!


    1. Dankjewel lieverd!!! Jij ook heel veel van hetzelfde :P!! XXX


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