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Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Outfit Prepping

 photo TheDressShop_Topper_zps1b04f8a9.jpg

It's that time of the year again to start prepping for the holidays. The most difficult thing off all is to figure out what to wear... if there's something I totally hate it's stressing out a few days before Christmas about the perfect outfit. This is actually the only time of the year where I take 100% OFF, so no stress about a dress. I prep a few weeks before so I have time to chill and fiks other "important" stuff for the holidays. Anyway, outfit wise, I think I'll go for dresses this year (might be changing my mind in just a sec, but I have to start somewhere). So many choices and so much gorgeousness around. In dubio and still no choice made, sharing some dresses I really like and wish I could all have :) (all Free People this year). Are you prepping yet?


 photo 20141121011633_zpsd9912ac5.jpg  photo 20141121103402_zps580e730d.jpg

 photo 20141121110829_zpsd5516475.jpg  photo 20141121110747_zpsd42519a0.jpg

 photo 20141121103333_zps91a9766f.jpg  photo 20141121110912_zps826c7651.jpg

 photo 20141121110938_zpsa464fc26.jpg  photo 20141121111121_zps7574ca22.jpg

Images Source: Free People


  1. I love that red dress so much!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Hi! I found your blog, lovely dresses, I'm follow you, kisses


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