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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Free People November Catalog 2014

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-1_zps64ab5cea.jpg

It has been a while, but never it's never too late to share some Free People gorgeousness! The November Catalog is definately my fav of the year. It's crazy, I can't even choose my favorite pieces, because they all are ( Lord, I want to win the lottery, please...). Sharing the full catalog with you girlies this time. Out of control gorgeous! What do you think girls?

Will be catching up with y'all asap! Have been working some overtime for the holidays...on schedule now and back in the game! Talk to you soon!


 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-2-3_zps814f5454.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-4-5_zps4e972894.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-6-7_zps71432733.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-8-9_zps381e75e4.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-10-11_zps1aef437c.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-12-13_zps4f9af82f.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-14-15_zps9ba61572.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-16-17_zps76fdcf3f.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-18-19_zps813de0a7.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-20-21_zpsab091e6b.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-22-23_zps2c20fe60.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-24-25_zpsfc91d67b.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-26-27_zps2496b54b.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-28-29_zpsad546f3e.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-30-31_zps6739c406.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-32-33_zps002b523b.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-34-35_zpsa19cc680.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-36-37_zps67422cab.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-38-39_zpsb5d623f4.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-40-41_zpscef0108b.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-42-43_zpscdc98861.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-44-45_zps073b0613.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-46-47_zpsf82ee3ea.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-48-49_zpse7d2d626.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-50-51_zpsa70dabf9.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-52_zps5d7108b5.jpg

Image Source: Free People


  1. Love Free People, this brand has such a unique style ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  2. Hi amiga!!!! How are you? Hope you are well! Wow, I really missed out this time :P.
    Work has been killing me...
    Free people always likes me ! Love the last tartan coat!

    Muchos besos amiga! <3

  3. Love free people. Amazing collection! Hope you are well don't work to hard!!


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