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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New In: The Bohemian Dream

Hey girls! How are you?! Enjoying Summer? I can't believe I'm actually taking a vacation. I've been sitting on my ass for almost a week, reading, seeing movies, catching up with my favorite blogs. And it feels SO strange after a year of working like crazy. I'm seriously experiencing a withdrawal hihi. Anyway, just sharing some The Bohemian Dream newbies today, the last designs I added to my collection before my vacation. Still SO in love with my model Jewel, can't stop looking at her, she's a true Boho goddess! Which one is your fav?

Getting back to my Twilight book. Wishing everyone a nice sunny summer day!

Lots of Love,

Images: © The Bohemian Dream / Lucia Flores Design


  1. love the first top is sooo gorgeous and very bohe !

  2. Amazing outfits
    All the best
    Cassie Fashion

  3. Great collection Lucia. Hard work pays off! You absolutely deserve a vacation, although I know what you mean about missing it. For the first bit you won't know what to do with yourself! Thanks for the comment:) you have been missed! I hope you have a lovely deserved vacation! I love all these tops but my favorite is the first. Just love the cut and color!!

  4. Beautiful outfits! The third one is my favorite :) <3
    You are amazing amiga, the collection is gorgeous! :)

    Hope you are well Lucia! Missed you!

    1. Thanks you so much amiga! Missed you too! :D


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