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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Bohemian Dream in Altered Couture Magazine

Very happy to announce that The Bohemian Dream has been featured in Altered Couture Magazine Summer 2014 in the United States & also made it to the front page! A few months ago I was contacted by the editor of the magazine if I wanted to send some of my clothing to their offices for them to feature in their magazine. I was absolutely ecstatic about this great news. Me, a small designer from the Netherlands featured in a magazine that will be sold all over the US and Canada? Wow! I've been excited about this for months and finally the issue, where I'm featured in, is out this month! A big surprise was that I was also mentioned on the front page!

Unfortunately Altered Couture Magazine made a small typo in my web address, which leads to an inactive account and shop on Etsy. They mentioned http://bohemiandream.etsy.com/, which actually had to be http://thebohemiandream.etsy.com/. Mistakes happen, no hard feelings, but hopefully everyone who is looking for me will land on this page. Sorry guys!

Anyway, a big thanks to Altered Couture Magazine for this oppertunity!

You can purchase the issue here!



  1. Congratulations Lucia! That's wonderful news and well deserved your so talented. I will be on the lookout for this magazine!

    1. Thank you so much Bree!! It is definately a big achievement, very surprising as well. Never thought that my "project" for The Bohemian Dream would grow up like this hihi.

  2. WHOAAAA! Hoe geweldig is dit?! Van harte proficiat meid, je verdient het ten volle! Je kleding is echt heel erg mooi in beeld gebracht, de verkoop gaat vast stijgen nu! Jammer van het foutje, maar de lezers komen vast wel juist terecht als ze Google gebruiken :) TOP gedaan!!


    1. Thanks Imke!!!! Ben ook echt super blij!!

  3. congrats on your magazine feature, that is so awesome you're getting recognition for your designs. i will look out for the issue next time I'm at chapters. that is a shame about the typo but i think most people would google your shop to try and find your lovely pieces :)


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