Monday, May 26, 2014

New In: The Bohemian Dream

This weekend's photo shoot with my gorgeous model, Jewel, resulted in another beautiful series of photo's which I'm SO in love with! I want to share some of my favorites today, a small sneak peek of what is coming to the shop this week. I've been designing many cute Summer layering pieces, which I will be adding to the shop all Summer. Which one is your fav?

Sorry for my absents my dear friends, life has been crazy around here. The combo of trying to get things going with my shop, the store front and other projects, have been eating my alive. Don't even have time to chill...but lucky me I had a small opening on Friday to go and see the new X-man; Days of Future was awesome (Marvel geek over here)!! Anyway, will be catching up with everyone this week!

Lots of Love,

Images: © The Bohemian Dream / Lucia Flores Design


  1. Lucia these are amazing looks. I love the first one but they are all amazing! Your so talented!

  2. The last one with the back is my favorite!
    Great job, you are so amazing amiga!!!



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