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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ The Bohemian Dream | December Giveaway Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

The Bohemian Dream December Giveaway 2014

Time for a Giveaway Ladies! Since the start of The Bohemian Dream in 2013, I have been blessed with great success. I'm very grateful for all your support this year and to show my appreciation I'm giving away a gift certificate to one of you towards ANYTHING in my shop! A total of €40,- euros free to spend on anything you like!

It's very simple to enter this giveaway! The only thing you have to do is leave your name and email address in the comment section below! You can earn extra entries (optional) by following me ;) and The Bohemian Dream and/or Share via:

** Don't forget to mention your usernames (and possible shared links) of each social media you are following me with for the extra entries!!


New to The Bohemian Dream? See all our designs here.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Outfit Prepping

 photo TheDressShop_Topper_zps1b04f8a9.jpg

It's that time of the year again to start prepping for the holidays. The most difficult thing off all is to figure out what to wear... if there's something I totally hate it's stressing out a few days before Christmas about the perfect outfit. This is actually the only time of the year where I take 100% OFF, so no stress about a dress. I prep a few weeks before so I have time to chill and fiks other "important" stuff for the holidays. Anyway, outfit wise, I think I'll go for dresses this year (might be changing my mind in just a sec, but I have to start somewhere). So many choices and so much gorgeousness around. In dubio and still no choice made, sharing some dresses I really like and wish I could all have :) (all Free People this year). Are you prepping yet?


 photo 20141121011633_zpsd9912ac5.jpg  photo 20141121103402_zps580e730d.jpg

 photo 20141121110829_zpsd5516475.jpg  photo 20141121110747_zpsd42519a0.jpg

 photo 20141121103333_zps91a9766f.jpg  photo 20141121110912_zps826c7651.jpg

 photo 20141121110938_zpsa464fc26.jpg  photo 20141121111121_zps7574ca22.jpg

Images Source: Free People

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weleda Loves

 photo weleda3_zps3017d10d.jpg

As some of you might know I've been using Weleda my entire life... literally since I was a baby. They are one of the best honest natural skin care lines out there. Next to Dr. Hauschka, I think Weleda rules the market. On my blog I have been trying to make you girls see what you are actually putting on your skin if you are not using a true and honest Eco certified skincare line. Remember, "natural" is a marketing technique and many skin care companies are taking advantage of that. It is legal to put the words "natural" and "bio" on a skin care product, when most of the ingredients are bad for your skin. Never read the text on the front of the beautiful "natural" looking bottle... see the back and all the ingredients. If any of the ingredients are mentioned in this post (10 Ingredients To Avoid In Beauty Products), avoid people, avoid!! There are way more disgusting ingredients in your skin care products, but these are the most disasterous! So, grab all your skin care products and check if they contain any of these ingredients... and por favor, throw them out :).

Any questions or thoughts, please comment! I'm the expert and living proof that these products are the best. Combined with a healthy life style, you can presurve your youth.
Sharing some Weleda products I've been loving lately. There are too many products to try out, but these are a keeper!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Free People November Catalog 2014

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-1_zps64ab5cea.jpg

It has been a while, but never it's never too late to share some Free People gorgeousness! The November Catalog is definately my fav of the year. It's crazy, I can't even choose my favorite pieces, because they all are ( Lord, I want to win the lottery, please...). Sharing the full catalog with you girlies this time. Out of control gorgeous! What do you think girls?

Will be catching up with y'all asap! Have been working some overtime for the holidays...on schedule now and back in the game! Talk to you soon!


 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-2-3_zps814f5454.jpg

 photo Free-People-Catalog-November-2014-4-5_zps4e972894.jpg

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New In: The Bohemian Dream

It has been a while since my last collection update! Sharing some The Bohemian Dream newbies today. Still madly in love with my gorgeous model Jewel, she is a true natural beauty. We have been working together on two articles for two magazines, Belle Armoire and Altered Couture from the US, where I will be featured in this Winter. I was contacted personally by the editor if I was interested in this feature... how crazy is that? Well, will be sharing more once the articles are published.. exciting!!

If anyone is interested in these newbies, you can visit my shop here. Which is your fav?


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bohemian Halloween

Thanks to Bohemian Spirit

I've never been much of a Halloween person. I didn't grew up with it, since we don't really celebrate it here in the Netherlands. We do celebrate the catholic feast of Sint Maarten, which is the "original" story behind Halloween. From tradition Sint Maarten is a celebration to help the poor. The poor pass by the doors of the rich to be given food and clothes for the cold months. Did anybody know this? Well, that's the truth behind Halloween. Nowadays, children make their own pumpkin laterns and pass by doors to receive candy and sing to show their gratitude. Isn't that beautiful? Anyway, around this time I love the decorate my house in Fall colors! Carved pumpkins, wall hangings and laterns... all in Boho style for me obviously ;). Sharing some cute ideas I've found arount the net.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Time For Knits

Temperatures dropped tremendously here in the Netherlands. It's definately time take out my good old knits from the attick and, of course, score some newbies here and there. It might be freezing by the end of the month, or not, which also happens in the Netherlands.. after summer heat. At least I'll have a stack of knits for when the ice hits. Sharing some gorgeous knitties I've found, which I obviously all want to have, but only will get a few :(. Are you ready for the cold weather?


Friday, October 3, 2014

Off Shoulder Plaid

Ok, it has officially been a year since I posted my last outfit. I even forgot how to pose or something... I look strange. What the hell I'm doing? Well hey, we had to start somewhere. Some of my loyal followers might not even remember how I look hihi. Oh, and sorry for my messy hair, looks a little trashy, but well, think it goes with the look ;).
Anyway, representing one of my favorite off shoulder designs today (it's not for sale booboo's, I'm keeping this one!). Bought this Dept blouse for a euro or something and transformed it into an off shoulder top. Absolutely love it! My style is often evolving, but it's always floating somewhere between Bohemian, Grunge and a touch of sportswear... can't live without my sneakers!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! Enjoy and let the good times role ;P!


Friday, September 26, 2014

The Best Foods For Your Heart

Ok, so, this has been the most busy month of the year so far. This is my second blog post and september is basically over, ridiculous! But hey, I'm done with the crazy transition into Fall work for my business, so let's get back to it with some healthy stuff.

Lets talk about the best foods for your heart today. Everybody wants to live healty all the time and keep up with the daily dose of veggies and fruits, but oh my, there's so much more to it than just that. A bucket of salad is not going to get you anywhere, health wise. What we need every single day to keep our heart and blood vessels in the best condition is the right combination of vitamines C, green vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids (combined with a healty life style obviously; enough sleep, no stress and excersise). I came across this amazing list of Hungry for Change with some of the best foods to keep your heart as healthy as possible. A combination of a few of these foods daily and you're good to go! Remember organic is always the best :).

Hope you like this health-freak post of mine :), if there's anything you think I should add just hollah!!


Some of the best foods for your heart and blood vessels are:

Green Vegetables

Romaine lettuce, green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, arugala, kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, turnip greens, sesame leaves, basil, parsley, mint, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, green onions, leeks, spinach, zucchini, and Asian greens like bok choy, are the very best foods for your heart and blood vessels. These green vegetables supply a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that can nourish the cells of your cardiovascular system. And just as important, these green vegetables have virtually no chance of harming your heart and blood vessels.

Foods That Are Naturally Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Raw walnuts, freshly ground flax seeds, purslane, wild salmon, anchovies, lake trout, fresh seaweed, organic eggs from birds that are raised in a free range environment, and high quality fish oil are all naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are well tolerated by the masses. Undamaged omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in both clinical and epidemiological studies to reduce one's risk of cardiovascular disease.

Foods That Are Naturally Rich In The Full Vitamin C Complex

Acerola cherries, black currants, tropical guava, grapefruit, green and yellow kiwis, lychee, longans, oranges, cantaloupe, papaya, persimmons, goji berries, and red currants are all naturally rich in the full vitamin C complex, which includes compounds called flavonoids. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that can help to protect your heart and blood vessels against damage created by free radicals. Flavonoids can also help to support healthy widening of your blood vessels during times when an area of your body needs increased blood supply.

Source: List by Hungry for Change

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New In: The Bohemian Dream

Hey girls! How are you?! I've been so busy I didn't have time to blog and visit y'all :(! I've been building my new studio and making things ready for Fall and Winter shoots. Indoor fashion photography is not just a small task, it's very difficult actually. Officially I'm an amateur when it comes to photography, but after years of doing my own collections photography I learned a thing or two :). But indoors, oh my, I had to shoot over and over again to finally get the best lightning effect I wanted (still not totally satisfied, but hey, pretty good for an amateur right? :P). Studio is done... back to blogging ladies, will be catching up! Sharing some new pieces from my OOAK Fall collection today. My model Jewel looks gorgeous as always, she could go straight into a Free People catalog! You can visit me at The Bohemian Dream if you are interested in any of these pieces :). Hope you like 'em! Which one is your fav?

Lots of Love,

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Free People August Catalog 2014

Last, but definately not least, for this month... the Free People Catalog of August. Again, a little later than normal, but hey, it's never too late to share the most gorgeous clothing in the world! Sharing my favs from the Free People August Catalog 2014 today! Everything is added to my Oh-I-Wish list (where most items have been expired or sold out obviously :P). Planning to get two cute sweaters for Fall next week!! Exciting!

Hope everyone had an amazing summer vacation! Back to work it is for me next week!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

5 Powerful Green Foods You Should be Eating!

Yep, some more healthy advice from this health freak :)! And yes... we all know we should eat more greens. I definately do, but probably there are some of you out there who really avoid eating more green veggies. I totally understand though, it needs to be your thing and you also need to know how to eat them. Regular rounds of broccoli, green beans, and lettuce can get rather tiresome if you don't know how to make them super yummie. If you really don't like the regular green veggies, you should try these nutrient-dense green foods. They are often overlooked. I basically eat all green veggies... even these, and I have to say, even though it might be kind of scary to try new green foods, they are absolutely delicious! Green foods are good for you, but they don’t have to be boring. Trying a new green every week can keep your meals interesting and your body healthy.

Sharing a list from Hungry for Change! If you decided to try out these green foods, try to get everything organic. Organic is simply the best! What is your favorite green food that you can't get enough of?


1. Seaweed

Often overlooked because it is not a land-dweller, seaweed is insanely good for you. While providing a whopping amount of vitamins and minerals, seaweed’s golden ticket is iodine. Iodine is found in very few foods and is essential to a healthy thyroid. With more people avoiding iodized salt for a slew of reasons, mild iodine deficiency is growing more common. When deficient, a person may have difficulty losing weight, feel fatigued, perhaps depressed — experiencing general thyroid malfunction. Whip up a tasty seaweed salad for lunch to keep your thyroid chugging along.


2. Microgreens

Move over regular arugula! Microgreens are simply mini versions of your favorite produce, and man do they pack a punch! As “toddler plants,” they contain more vitamins and flavor than their mature counterparts. There is an endless variety of microgreens from which to choose, from mustard and watercress, to turnip and sunflower — each with a unique, tantalizing flavor. As an added bonus, microgreens are crazy easy to grow in your kitchen, and will supply your meals with some tasty, uber healthy green nutrition.


3. Lacinato Kale (aka Tuscan/Dinosaur kale)

This is your grocery-store-kale’s dark, jurassic-looking cousin. With 100 percent of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins A and K, and 88 percent of your vitamin C requirement, the rich compounds of kale have been linked to cancer prevention. It is a little sweeter and nuttier than your regular kale, so go ahead and experiment!


4. Moringa

Recently growing in popularity, moringa is a leaf that is chock-full of goodies. It assists with blood sugar stabilization, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, is loaded with energizing and depression-fighting B vitamins, and containing 90 nutrients that benefit the human body. It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant-rich. Cook with the oil, or flavor meals with the leaves.


5. Avocados

OK, so you may be pretty familiar with avocados, but they are so delicious and nutrient-dense that they deserve a mention. They are full of monounsaturated fats, which increase satiety and can assist with weight loss. Avocados are anti-inflammatory, blood sugar regulators, and may even prevent strokes. Buy them once for the high amount of potassium, fiber, B vitamins, and vitamins K and C; keep buying them for their glorious, creamy texture and your newfound obsession with guacamole.

Source: list by Hungry for Change, Images: Google

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

FP Backpack Heaven

Beginning of the new school year means a new backpack! I've always LOVED backpacks! I'm not going back to school though, but I think it's totally necessary to at least own one decent backpack for work. I work at home most of the time, but when I head out I need enough storage space for all the stuff I want to take from A to B, humungous handbags are just not my thing :). Backpacks are way more practical and there are some cuties out there! I'm kinda in dubio about which one to get... and Free People doesn't make it any easier for me! I adore all backpacks from FP, kinda pricey though, but totally worth the money, since I will use it forever. I think it's a good investment. Sharing some cuties today! Do you like backpacks?


Image Source: Free People

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bohemain Fall Inspiration

WOW!! My plans of blogging away and catching up on everything kinda fell in the water this Summer. I've been sleeping, eating and reading my way through my vacation like a zombie. But hey, don't blame me, I've worked for an entire year without having a vacation, weekends or rests. I really just didn't feel like planning, because that's all I did for the past year. The good news is, I'm rested and ready to take some action! I have another 2 weeks to relax and do what I actually planned to do :).

Can't believe Summer is basically over. Well, here in the Netherlands it's getting colder (which shouldn't happen yet, but OK). I'm actually ready for cooler weather again. A few weeks of boiling hot weather is enough for me. In september I'll be shooting a new catalog for The Bohemian Dream and I've already started gathering some Bohemian Fall Inspiration. Sharing some today! Anyone ready for Fall to kick in already?

Happy Weekend!


Image Source: Bohemian Autumn Pinboard - Pinterest