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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bohemian Christmas Inspiration

Months prior to the holidays I start preparing and brainstorming about outfits, presents, decor etc. The earlier the better! This year I'm going for an overall Boho look in my house. Colorful patterned ornaments and decorations (DIY preferably), carved wooden ligths, branches, Christmas lights in all colors or the rainbow...as many different colors and patterns as possible. It is actually very easy to create a Boho Christmas decor. Just randomly throw all your old Christmas decoration together.. et voilĂ ! As long as you leave out the commerial mainstream Santa stuff (which I don't think fits with the look), you're good to go.

Sharing some Bohemian Christmas Inspiration today! What's your decor style this Christmas?


Image Source: Pinterest


  1. Beautiful pics, inspired me!
    I love Christmas :)


  2. Wowowowow! Beautiful inspirations! It makes want to be in Xmas time right now!

  3. That's really a lovely post dear, I enjoyed a lot!
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  4. Oooh, all of that is so cool!! I'm so excited for Friday because it means I can start decorating for Christmas, haha :D (gotta wait til after Thaknsgiving)


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