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Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY: Spice up your old keychain necklace

Hey girls! How have you been?

Missed my bloggie tremendously!! I've been concentrating on some other things the past week and before I knew it, over a week has gone by. How crazy! I'm back in the game now and lining up some great posts I've been dying to share with you girls.

Today I'm sharing a DIY I've done recently. It's super easy and oh so fun :). I'm always walking around the house with my keychain necklace while working, just in case I might need to barge out of the door to run to the stores if something ran out of stock. I do not want to lock myself out of the house (again, haha). Anyway, I've noticed my keychain necklace is uber ugly and needed a make-over. Hope you girls like this DIY, would totally love to hear what you think!


So, what we need? An old (preferably, up/recycling is goooood, m'kay) keychain necklace, scissors, some trim (lace could also be an option, but make sure it's heavy enough to carry your keys), a sewing machine (the easiest) or needle and thread.

1. Take apart your old keychain necklace. Mine was totally broken so I had to use a d-ring as well to fix it. I used a detachable keychain necklace, but you can also use a normal keychain necklace. Cut a piece of trim or lace, as long as you want it to be. Before you do, check if the trim or lace fits through the hole of the key holder :). Make sure you add another 5 cm, because you'll have to fold it back to stitch it up nicely. If you used a detachable keychain necklace, cut another piece for the part below the lock. Add another 4-5 cm to it to fold back. Better too much than not enough!

2. Lay the trim or lace on the table as in the example below, good side up, ugly side down (if you use double trim it doesn't matter). Just makes sure it lays exactly like in the example... you don't want to end up with a fold in your neck :).

3. Ok, now focus! Slide on the upper part of the keychain lock or the keychain hanger (see example). Fold 4 cm of the right side of the trim up (so the ugly side is visible) and do the same to the left side, only downwards. Now, hold those ends together like in the example, needle for security and stitch (1 cm from the side approx.).

4. So, now you'll have the up and down side stitched together (see example). Probably it doesn't make any sence right now, but you'll get it later, I promise haha. Next, slide the keychain lock or the keychain hanger down, untill approximately 3 cm above the seam. Fold the 1 cm leftover inwards, towards the lock. Stitch on the "good" upper side, right above the seam (see example). Make sure you stitch it over a few times (2x) for durability. Note: the seam (where you see the good and ugly side come together) needs to be on the back!

5. If you only used a keychain hanger, you are done, hooray! If you used a detachable keychain necklace like mine, you just need to do one more thing! Use the shorter cut trim, slide on the other part of the lock and the D-ring. Lay the "good" sides of the trim on top of eachother and stitch 1 cm from the side. The leftover points inwards, the seam is visible on the "good" outside. Slide the seam in the slit of the lock, so it won't be visible...and, done!

Finishing: To spice it up a little more, I added a large flatback rhinestone on the lock. Add whatever you like, just make sure you use the right glue!

Results: A cute One of a Kind up/recycled keychain necklace! Go as crazy as you like :).

Need some pointers or help? Just give me a shout!


PS: If you'd like to share my DIY, make sure to link back to my page!

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  1. thank you for your lovely comment and for your visit!!
    Keep in touch!


  2. Love your tank top.

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. Cute DIY!!! thanks for the comment :))))) xoxo juls

  4. Very nice DIY, it's so cute! :D
    Now you will never lose your keys ! ;)


  5. Great diy!!


  6. that's such a great idea!
    I have an old blue one that I hate, might try a DIY soon :)
    Shop my closet

  7. Such a cute DIY! It looks so much more funky after, love it!

  8. Heel erg leuk! Ik draag zelf geen keychain maar hij is erg leuk geworden!

    XO Imke


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