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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yoga: Relax your mind before your busy day

Sometimes everything just gets a little crazy in your mind: too much work, too many thoughts, not enough balance of the right things that make you feel like you. Your heart starts pounding and your head aches and that’s not a good way to be for anyone. It leads to less productivity and less passion and no one wants that.

I have an overload of work and with that obviously comes stress. There are a few things you can do to have a busy day without any stress! Before your day starts being hectic, listen to some calm and relaxing music and make a conscious effort to carry out deep breaths every 10 minutes or so. When the diaphragm is fully engaged it triggers relaxations; it calms the mind and slows down racing thoughts. If you’re having a stressful day, practice these easy steps to help you along and leave work feeling a better person. Promise!

Also you can do some yoga before work, it makes your mind drift away from any tension you may have that you usually have starting your work day. Practicing yoga in the morning shifts the mind from distraction and it frees your mind. Be in “the now”: This is a very effective technique for relaxation. Focus on who you are ‘now’ and take note of your surroundings in the ‘now’. Stay still and notice whats around you — it forces you to slow down and simply observe and be present. Deep breathing exercises: Move your focus to the breath: the sensation of contracting and expanding the diaphragm calms the mind and slows down your heart and respiratory rate. Just half an hour before work and you'll feel way more relaxed during that day.

For any of you who are having stressful jobs, try this! It really helps!


Source: Free People

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  1. Dat klinkt als iets dat ik zeker moet proberen! Ik wil het allang eens doen, maar ik vrees dat het niks voor mij is... Ik denk dat ik iets te onrustig zou worden zelfs. Maar voor ik spreek moet ik het eens proberen natuurlijk ;)

    XO Imke


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