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Monday, May 27, 2013

Flower Crowns

Hey girls!

I've been obsessed with flower crowns lately. Well, actually I've always been. I grew up in a Hippie family, going to an "alternative" Hippie school. Wearing flower crowns was something very normal when I was little. I haven't made a flower crown in years and I totally have a rage for it! Just didn't have the time. I've collected many examples of some gorgeous crowns. The first thing I will be doing on my day off is making one. For sure doing a tutorial on one of my creations very soon! Until then, I want to share some beautiful inspirational photo's and an easy tutorial of a super cute crown I found online today.

Wishing everyone a lovely week!



  1. I think floral crowns are so beautiful, especially when worn at weddings and such. Very beautiful.

  2. Ik zou nooit met zoiets staan, maar het is wel ongelooflijk mooi! Ik denk wel dat jij daarmee staat, ik stel voor dat je een outfitpost doet met zo'n mooie flower crown op. Ik weet niet of je deze blogster kent maar zij maakt echt hele mooi en verkoopt ze ook op Etsy, echt tof! http://www.michaelablog.com/

    XO Imke

  3. Hola amiga!!
    I love flower crwons! great video, thanks for sharing :)
    Big kiss! <3

  4. oh gosh, these pictures are stunning. i adore the summery and natural feel about these looks.

    lindsey louise



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