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Monday, March 11, 2013

Beauty Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

I probably mentioned it many times before, but I've seriously had it with Winter! It's enough! Last week the sun came out in Amsterdam and temperatures go up.. but na-ah, from yesterday it dropped back to below zero. I'm SO not a Winter person. My hair is a mess and my skin is suffering, especially my lips are always chapped, yuck! I'm trying to ease the Winter blues with different things each day. I wanted to share some things today that work great! Hope it helps for you as well ;)!


Source: Free People

Static Hair: rub a dime sized amount of Aloe Vera in your hands and run through your hair – not only will it tame static, it is also full of nutrients that are good for your hair!

Dry Skin: When it’s freezing cold outside your instinct tells you to turn up the heat or take a steaming hot shower – but both of these things can dry out your skin immensely. To combat this, try using a humidifier in winter, which adds more moisture to the air. Also, try taking a bath instead, and add moisturizers like coconut oil or shea butter to the water. I shared some more tips to fight against dry skin in winter in a previous post: 5 Natural, Homemade Remedies For Dry Skin

After bathing or showering, apply moisturizer immediately while skin is still damp to help lock in the moisture. While in summertime, light moisturizers are great to help prevent skin from getting to oily, in winter you don’t need to worry about that – you can use rich moisturizers with an oil base like avocado oil or almond oil that help create a protective layer for your face. Avocado oil will not only add moisture, it can help reduce blemishes and sun damage and helps your skin produce more collagen!

Chapped Lips: Sometimes repeatedly applying chapstick seems to make your lips even more chapped – try using a mixture of Vaseline and honey (the honey makes the Vaseline taste better, too) – it really works amazing! Dab a little Vaseline on chapped knuckles as well!

Diet: There are so many things you can eat or drink to keep your skin hydrated. Lots of water, fruit and green tea will help hydrate your skin and keep it clear. Also green-based smoothies work great!! My favorite green smoothie is a Jugo Verde (Spanish for green juice). It is absolutely delicious! Green doesn't mean that it can't be jummy! You should absolutely try this Jugo Verde recipe I use at least once a week:

1 sprig of parsley
1/2 fresh nopal (cactus leaf, if you can find it)
2 cups fresh-squeezed orange juice
2 stalks of celery (with leaves)
2 slices of fresh pineapple
1 kiwi

Mix all the ingredients together until blended thoroughly. Serve chilled.


  1. Favorite tip? Vaseline and honey. I knew about Vaseline but not with honey and chap lips are a major issue for me. Thanks for this!


  2. aww we could switch places! i keep complaining about our weather here because it mever got cold when it was supposed to be winter... but it's even warmer now. anyway, have a great week!

    xo, Carla

  3. Great tips! Loving the idea of adding honey into the vaseline to make a more hydrating (and tasty!) lip balm! My lips are so chapped throughout the winter so this is a must have!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  4. I'm so tired of winter too, I'm so ready for spring.

  5. Lovely tips!Thanks for sharing them!
    Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
    Win an amazing MyBeautyBox!!

  6. Thanks for the tips. Great post!

  7. Winter,go away! Summer, come and stay! I just made that up--can't believe it. Thanks for the tip though. I'll keep that in mind!

    The Boyfriend Project

  8. thanks for the tips!!


  9. love this post. really helpful! xoxo


  10. These tips are really great! I have dry skin and in the winter it gets so much worse so will be using these tips^^

    Feel free to check-out my blog and if you like, follow me, I'll follow you back :)


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