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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The benefits of Lavender

One of my favorite scents is lavender. I have been using it a lot lately in my daily life. Did you know that lavender has many amazing benefits and healing powers? Lavender can help cure a lot of things and is an essential to have in everyone’s household. Lavender essential oil can go a long way. Here are some magical tricks you can do with it.

Beat Insomnia – Place a few drops on your pillow before bed, or make your own lavender sleep pillow with muslin fabric and dried lavender buds.

Sooth Headaches – Massage the oil onto your temples, back of neck, and forehead to relieve any tension headaches.

Heal Wounds – Dilute lavender oil with olive or jojoba oil, mixing 1 part lavender to 10 parts of another oil and apply to wounds.

Cure Digestive Problems – Have a go at making some lavender tea at home to help sooth digestive problems and to relieve gas problems.

- Place one tablespoon full of culinary lavender buds into half a pot of water and boil

- After the water has boiled, place into the tea cup with your choice of tea bag (I love mixing them with earl grey tea) and sip away!

Ease Anxiety and Depression – Having lavender around the house can help soothe your mind. Place lavender stems with their buds in little vases – I usually place a big bunch in my bathroom and let the scent linger.

Source: Free People


  1. Que foto tan bonita de lavanda, y tiene mucho beneficiosos.

  2. This is SO helpful! i can get a little anxious sometimes haha thank you!


  3. Great post Lucia! I love this scent <3<3



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