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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Hand Making Process

Hey everyone!

In November I arranged a GiveAway on blog for one cutomized bracelet, made by yours truly! The winner, Gaby, told me to surprise her, which I did! I created a custom design that I thought would fit her and her wardrobe the best! This week she recieved the bracelet and featured it in a lovely post on her blog Modacapital Mexico! If you read this Gaby; muchisimas gracias amiga! You are the sweetest!

So, I thought it would be nice to document the hand making process of this bracelet.. as I still recieve many "did you make it yourself" comments daily! Well, hereby I proudly present a "sneak peek" of the process of my work...not all of it of course, company secret!

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas!!


Just a few tools and materials I work with daily.

The first step of my creations; designing and hand drawing a pattern onto organic cotton.

Next; filling the pattern with high quality artistic textile paint.. by hand of course!

The most difficult step; placing fabric strengthener and stichting the pattern and bracelet together.

For the full view of the result visit Gaby's blog: Modacapital Mexico


  1. Hi Lucia!
    Wow, the process is amazing and very interesting!
    Thanks for the mention about my blog and thanks for my new beautiful bracelet, I really Love it!

    Merry Christmas eve and Happy New Year, I wish the best for you!
    Muchos besos amiga.

  2. Love this! I have to say that your pictures are amazing!!!

  3. Well done, looks cute! Great blog, come by on mine if you have time, we could follow each other?

  4. you are such a beautie :)

    xx m


  5. Lucia,

    Esse Bracelete é lindo... Seu trabalho é demais!!!


  6. Oh I had seen her new bracelet in her blog and loved it!!!
    Beautiful work :)


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