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Monday, December 17, 2012

5 Natural Cures For Sleeplessness

I haven't slept well in days (BOOHOO!), which inspired me to make this post about natural cures for sleeplessness. Why I'm not catching any sleep knowing these remedies? I guess it's the stress and pressure from work around the holidays... don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do...but having a competative profession, having to do every single thing alone, all day, every day.. is totally exhausting! My brain keeps on running 24-7, which results into Sleeplessness!

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, here are some simple, natural steps you can take to have a good night sleep and awaken feeling happy, rested, and ready to start your day!

1. Create the right environment

According to sleep experts, the best environment for sleep is one that is dark, comfortable, quiet, and cool.

2. Use aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool. It’s so amazing to experience different feelings and emotions brought about by different scents. Lavender is the best sleeping pill! Just one drop of lavender oil on your pillow will make you sleep like a baby!

3. Take a relaxing bath or shower

Taking a hot bath or shower a couple of hours before going to sleep relaxes your muscles and can help to sedate you. Use natural essential oils or shower gels to help kick-start the relaxation and prep your mind for bedtime!

4. Drink warm milk and honey

Warm milk may help lull you to sleep, while honey helps your body to recover and rebuild, among other things, during rest. While scientists are still unsure as to whether or not milk scientifically affects sleep (studies of the enzyme tryptophan in milk on sleep vary), the warm milk and honey concoction has been used as a sleep aid for centuries.

5. Try relaxation techniques

Most of the time, sleeplessness is a result of a mind that doens't want to turn off after a stressful busy day. A great way to calm down the mind is by using relaxation techniques like visualization, deep breathing, and mindfulness. You can find many books or videos on YouTube how to relax the mind! Once you can get your mind to calm down, you’ll be off to a full night of peaceful sleep.

Do you have any tips for combating sleeplessness? I would love the hear them!

Sweet dreams!



  1. That's a really useful post!
    I've also been having some trouble sleeping in the last month due to stress and I'm really looking forward for my exams to be done to be able to relax and sleep properly at least6 hours in a row, preferebly 9 :)

    Hema has a nice relaxing massage oil which helps as well!

  2. I find reading before bed engages me in something other than what is on my mind all day. I read till I can't comprehend anymore and then I fall right to sleep!
    Visiting you from Etsians of Facebook team!

    1. Thanks for visiting Ann Marie! Reading is indeed a good way to fall asleep as well, unless you're to restless to read a book, like myself :)!

  3. Hola lucia!!!
    gracias por los tips!!!

  4. Wow I totally need to follow these. I have terrible insomnia, runs in my family so I definitely need to take these steps to help that out! Totally brutal! Love the idea of the aromatherapy - I definitely think that can help relax!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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