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Friday, November 23, 2012

Kristen Stewart

Hey girls!

Since the new Twilight movie is out, I've been watching many interviews and press conferences with the cast. I've always been a big fan of Kristen Stewart, her style is amazing.. totally my thing and I totally love her down to earth weirdo goofy way of being! She stays herself and she doesn't care! I know, she cheated on Robert.. that was a stupid move and I'm totally on Roberts team.. but well, the media always makes things worst than they are and also we don't know what's behind everything, so...and who care anyway!!? I love how Kristen combines elegant with her tomboy style, which is her favorite..so is mine! She does wear haute couture, proving that she can be a lady :), despite her reputation for wearing boyish, rock-inspired clothes on the red carpet. Her evolving style through the years shows she has not only the chops to pull off high fashion but a zest for glamour that expresses itself in funky, eclectic ways.

Wanted to share some of her outfits! What do you think of her style?

Have a nice weekend!!!



  1. i LOVe the look with white shirt & black trousers! SO would wear it myself!

  2. es admirable cómo le queda tan bien la naturalidad que tiene!
    kristen, en general, es fabulosa!


  3. I think she has pretty cool style! I love anyone who tries something different with fashion! Nice to see something new for a change!


  4. Her makeup in the white shirt outfit is stunning.


  5. I have really been loving her style lately. I really feel it's picked up a bit and gotten a bit more edgy and chic! Love the red dress and wild pants outfits! Those are just gorgeous<333

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. Kristen Stewart is a hit-or-miss for me - she either totally rocks, or is so super trashy you don't know if she was on drugs when she got dressed or what. I love all of these though!


  7. Love her lime colored leather jacket <3 XO,Kat



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