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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Victoria's Secret Wishlist

Hey girls!!

Hope everyone is having a nice week so far! Almost friday! I'm having a very, very, very busy day today; photo shoot, website update...bladiebla! I'll update my collection with a new series. I'll post them tomorrow!

This morning while having my coffee, I made a wishlist at VictoriasSecret.com. Too bad the Netherlands doens't have any Victoria's Secret stores, so I'm forced to order online from the US. I totally love their collection! Once or twice a year I make one big order, because of the shipping charges and custom taxes, which are rediculously high! On top of each package I have to pay € 17,- euros to the customs and 19% sales taxes over the total amount! Isn't that studid!? Our customs are THE #1 money catchers in the world, yuck!

Anyway, I've made myself a wishlist I wanted to share with you girls! Hope you like it!!!

Have a lovely day!!!

Love, Lucia


  1. Ombre sweatre is amazing! ;)

    Have a nice day ;)

  2. 3 and 4 love, love, love;-)
    nice boots
    would you like to follow each other?
    xoxo Ewa

  3. Lovvve that ombre top and the fantastic lilac top! So beautiful for fall! <3 Hope your busy day goes well!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


    1. It didn't go well at all!! Never anything goes as planned... I need an assistent haha! (I wish!!)

  4. i really love the shoes!!
    Adore them

    New outfit post ; full of spikes

  5. loving the jumpers!!! they look so nice :)


  6. Those long boots are amazing, really beautiful and they go with jeans and skirts / dresses too :).

  7. Hi dear!
    I really love your wishlist!
    The boots are perfect!!

    xx from

  8. Victoria's secret is echt zoooo mooi he? Een meisje uit m'n klas heeft een supermooie tas van hen uit Dubai, impressive much? Ik ben er echt ja;loers op. En die verzendingskosten zijn echt abnormaal hoog zeg! Je kan beter even naar Amerika vliegen ;)

    XO, Imke

    1. Very impressive!! De verzendkosten en inklaringskosten + belastingen zijn echt belachelijk!! Twee keer per jaar bestellen is inderdaad bijna een vliegticket, de afzetters :P!

  9. Wat een mooie wishlist, en leuk blog heb je!

  10. Great selection!! You got a new follower: Me!! kisses from Quito!!

  11. Ik kan niet wachten om eens naar de winkel in londen te gaan!


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