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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sugar Skull Love

Hi there girlies!

Since a while now there has been a major Sugar Skull (chic) trend thingy going on! I always have been in love with (Mexican) sugar skulls (not the "Ed Hardy" tattoo-ish bull). WAY before this trend was even getting itself into the fashion market, I was already designing very big pieces of sugar skull jewelry (yes, since 2008, see pics below). I sold, but it wasn't a huge success unfortunately! Now this trend is really kicking in, I can't keep my eyes closed and watch celebrity fashion desingers get rich from something I actually started with years ago! So, I've decided to start re-designing my skull necklaces & bracelets. Just for the info: these skulls are MY DESIGNS, FROM MY OWN ORIGINAL PAITINGS, HAND PAINTED BY ME!!! Over the years I've made so many sugar skull paintings, I decided to mix them with my jewelry. I scanned my paintings and photo shopped the image to a small image that I use to make cute little skull charms from. At the moment I'm hand painting some cabochon pendant settings to use for my new Sugar Skull Pendant Necklaces. Can't wait to finish and show you guys! I'll be using a lot of neon and many, many, many bright colors! Hopefully (FINALLY) I will get some success with these designs. It's so rediculous how "famous fashion designers" have success so quickly with anything that they touch... and I have to work my ass off!! But well, in Holland we always say: "There has to be a difference, your day will come!"

Anyway, I did something wrong the first time, so it was necessary for me to re-design. I made the skulls smaller and printed them on high quality organic paper. I haven't processed them into jewelry yet, but withing a week I'll be back with the first necklaces!

Sneak Peek: some of my new skully's, what you girliez think?

Lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses,

Some of my OLD necklaces from 2008/2009. (I apologize for the low quality pictures, couldn't afford my Canon yet).


  1. Hi Lucia!:) Of course I'd like to follow each other!:) Follow you now, you have a great blog!:) Btw, I love skull, cool post!:) Kisses and have a nice day!:)

    1. Thank you so much! Have a nice day aswell! X

  2. I do not like the skulls, however, these creations are very pretty. I follow you...

    1. Skulls are indeed not for everyone :D! But thank you!

  3. Love you're blog.
    I follow u! A lot of kisses, http://zapatodetacon.blogspot.com.es/

  4. I love it!!!

  5. wooow!
    love your blog! of course I'll follow you! and will be happy if you follow me too!
    I looooove sugar skulls!! *.*
    I cant wait to have the 2 november here! :D You would love it! As I read you love México too :)
    You should come :D


  6. I just discovered your blog, and i love it!! I´m your follower number 100 :-)
    Love the skulls, these necklaces are amazing!!
    Lots of kisses!!

  7. Hola Lucia! :D
    But I'm not from México haha I'm brazillian... but I'm in love with México since the frist time!! and then I come to live here :)



  8. Your blog looks lovely!
    I just followed you & hope you do the same :)

  9. wowwwwwwwwwww! están increíbles!! yo soy gran fan de las calaveras!!
    Me encamoré de los diseños !!

    mil besos! :)

    1. Muchas gracias chica! I'll be sharing my new designs really soon! Besitos!!

  10. that's necklace is cool! hope you follow me back:)

  11. Wooow loveee that!!!!


  12. Oi Lucia,

    EStou extremamente fascinada com suas peças, são incríveis, sensacionais!!!!
    Também adoro caveiras, tenho inumeras peças com elas....
    Seu trabalho é lindo demais e estou honrada em te-la como minha seguidora também!!!
    Eu costuro e faço roupas para mim e bolsas também... Adorei suas bolsas e vou olhar bem mais seu blog...
    Quero manter contato com você!!!

    kiss!!! Patrícia Quel do Brasil

  13. O Lucia!!!

    Fiquei extremamente fascinada com seu trabalho!!! É incrível de lindo!!!! Adoro caveiras!!!
    Também amei as bolsas!!!!
    Eu costuro roupas para mim e faço bolsas também e as suas se tornou uma linda inspiração!!!
    Vou acompanhar sempre seu blog, pois adorei tudo!!! Suas criações são fascinantes!!!

    Kiss! Patrícia Quel do Brasil

  14. Oh I love skull accessories! You are very talented sweetie, these are great!


  15. so sweet ! :)


  16. Hola!

    Thank you for the lovely comment! And for following! I'm following back!

    Nice post! All is so pretty!

    Keep in touch!

    Kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  17. Like the Skulls ,great Post!
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings :)

  18. Your necklaces are absolutely gorgeous!

  19. Hola Lucia, GRACIAS for taking the time to write in my blog...Your designs are very inspirational and pretty, I'm loving your necklaces.
    I know how you feel when a designer makes a HUGE success of something that has been in your mind for a while...I guess this is part of the amazing marketing people that work for them =(
    Keep positive and as you said your day will come.
    Besitos y te sigo también.

    Trendy Feeling

  20. Hi Lucia, thank you for your nice words!!! I have been following you because when I tried to follow you, I was already there:) U can see my photo on the fourth page among your followers:) I also followed you with Bloglovin and Facebook!!

  21. like Ur skulls very much!
    and also your blog! I'll follow U rightnow :)
    mayB U'll 've a look at mine:

    best wishes! :*

  22. These bracelets are so full f life, I love them!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  23. These are adorable!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway!

  24. Loving the necklaces!

    I was wondering if we could folow each other on GFC ..

    C *

  25. thanks so much for your sweet comment, i'm glad that you liked it. i love this bracelets! :)

  26. I love love love those necklaces! So cute (:
    Also I'm super excited to follow you and I hope you'll return the favor. It would mean so much coming from a style icon like you! (:

    xx Amber

  27. Hi! Thanks for your comment!!!! I like your blog and the things you tell to us!

    I'm followingf you now!;-)

  28. I love the trend!!!!!

    So cute***



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