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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hello ladies!

How are you today? So, today I wanted to do something totally different for a change. I'm always blogging about my inspiration, collection and progresses. Maybe some of you are wondering who is 'the face' behind all those comments hehe.. so HELLOW this is me!

Anyway, today I'll be sharing a casual outfit with you, that I'll be wearing to go visit some friends later today, I hope you girlies like it :)...I'm sorry I didn't have the time to make more pictures, at least you can get an impression :D...

*My style*

I can't say I have a specific style. I'm not always a trend follower, I wear what I like, which can be anything from trendy stuff to vintage, something I bought in a second hand store or something I bought 10 years ago. On the week, when I'm at my studio, I look like a tomboy, I wear jeans (sometimes even baggy), DC or Adidas sneakers and to keep it a little girly, a cute top. Very comfy, I don't like to be dressed up while I'm working.
I have a weakness for rediculously expensive brands; Blumarine, Diesel, Minnetonka, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry etc. I really don't care about the brand tag, but unfortunately I love their collections SO MUCH that when I have the chance to buy one of their pieces, I definately will!!

I ALWAYS wear my own jewelry & accessories, not just to advertise (which is also really important) but also because I LOVE my own designs. I'm not only designing for the world, but also for myself. I will never design something just because it's trendy. I always try to combine trends with my designs. I know following all trends is the best business move, but if there's a trend on the market which I dislike, but everyone loves it, I will not use it. I love what I do and I always want to love what I make!

What I'm wearing today:
Shoes ❤ Minnetonka / Blouse ❤ Shoeby / Strech jeans ❤ Diesel / Jewelry ❤ Lucia Flores Design

Nice day everyone!

❤ Lucia


  1. You're SO gorgeous! You have such amazing eyes, hair and style! Love the bright blue/aqua colour on you - really looks lovely on you! xx

    The Urban Umbrella



    1. Hihi (blushing)... you're so sweet! Thanks hunny! X

  2. This is such a gorgeous outfit look hun! you look beautiful! <3333

  3. gorgeous outfit! i love that color on you!

    Glass of Fashion

  4. so gorgeous, lovely lovely blog.
    I'm kind of a new around here.. would you like to visit me?


  5. Hola lucia!!
    Que guapa!! Y que bien porfin conocerte :)
    Eres muy bonita, me encanta tu cabello y tu estilo!
    Que bueno que te animaste a tomarte algunas fotos.

    Te mando una beso enorme desde México!!!

    1. Muchisisimas gracias chica! That is so sweet of you! I will probably do this more often, just to have some change from time to time :)!

      Mil besos!!

  6. wow, I love your tunic! and how amazing is your hair? I'm jealous!

  7. I really like the colour of your top. Its one of my favourite colours, I have a few things in it, seems to be so bright and summery :)

    Also like the skull bracelets in your post before :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  8. wow, the top is so cute. the color is perfect on you!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  9. great look honey, you have an amaazing taste!!
    have a great weekend!


  10. Amazing blog - I follow You! I really hope that You like my blog too.
    xx San ❤


    1. Thank you! Checking out your blog right now! X

  11. Thanks for your comments, i follow you now too. Nice bracelets!

  12. Love that color top!!
    nice blog! I've started following you on GFC and Bloglovin!
    like to follow back? I hope so! we could stay in contact!!
    kisses pretty!

  13. ..what a fabulous colour blouse ..following you now as well :)

  14. Lucia,

    Adorei a bata azul linda!!!
    E menina que linda que tu é!!!!


  15. Hi Sweetie, you look so pretty, I really love this look! :) So great ♥ ;P
    I hope you'll like my blog ^^
    Kisses ♥



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