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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm in heaven!

Bohemian Ethnic Hippie Gyspy Vintage Mexican bag handbag purse
Hi cuties!

First of all I want to thank all of you for the wonderful, cute and lovely comments! It makes me happy each time I get another comment, it totally makes my day! Can't be more happier at the moment! I'm getting so many orders and positive feedback, it feels like I'm dreaming. I've always dreamed of a little success, not to make millions, but to support myself and my hubby, to live from what I make with my passion! Finally my hard work is paying off. The 1st of April I will have my first anniversary being a business owner. It has been hell for a big part of this year I have to say. Building a company on your own without any money to invest or without good contacts is almost not doable. I really don't recommend it to anybody! But well, I believe if you really want something in life, you can get it somehow, as long as you hold on and continue believing in yourself, you will get noticed one day.

Enough speeching for the day! Wanted to share a sneak peek with you guys! I wanted to wait until I got the full collection ready, but I was loving the beautiful Spring sun so much today, I decided to grab my model and make a nice picture of the first Bohemian Ethnic bag of my collection. As you guys know I'm always inspired by different cultures. I love colors, especially from Mexico, they are so pretty & femenine! This bag collection is completely made from handwoven Mexican fabric. Everything is organic! From the fabric to the lining & padding! Hopefully you guys like it! Feedback is welcome of course!

Lots of Love & Kisses, Lucia

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Jewelry Collection Spring-Summer 2012 FINALLY ONLINE!

Dearest followers!

Finally I am proud to pronounce that my full new jewelry collection Spring-Summer 2012 is online from today! I put my heart and soul into this collection. I've worked day and night to finish it! Your love and support made me even more motivated to reach my goals! I'm really thankful for all the sweet comments, love and support throughout the last couple of months. At once I got noticed on Blogspot and got myself a lot of new followers, thanks so much you guys! I think that even without the biggest load of cash or the best connections in the fashion industry, I still reached my goals with nothing in my pocket and I'm really proud of that.

So enough speeching, I will not let you guys wait any longer! For this jewelry collection I was mainly inspired by culture, history and folkloric art from all over the world. I combined traditional handycraft with a modern touch. I've created innovative braiding techniques for this collection to make it even more special & unique.

Any support is very appreciated!! If you think somebody you know might love my work, just send them my way! I would love to know what you think aswell! Comments, feedback or suggestions are very welcome! My clothing and accessories collection will take a little longer, working very hard to finish it before April! To close: All jewelry is customizable :D!

Lots of love,
Lucie Flores

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