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Monday, July 4, 2011

The real Fashion Designer

Goodmorning everyone,

Lately I have been wondering how people have the guts to call themselves a "Fashion Designer" if they don't even have the skills the perform any craftsmanship related to fashion. I just don't get it. Why do these people have better succes than me? Why I don't get appriciated? I seriously find it so unfair. Just because of having contacts in the media, being famous or having a rich daddy, is that the key to succes?
I have been studying my ass off to know everything about fashion and I know all the traditional craftsmanship like the back of my hand. Sometimes when people ask me about my work and if I make eveything myself, I just don't get appriciated....and why? Because I don't have my production in China or in another thrid world country? The last thing I would ever do is let somebody from a third world country make my collection. Any company ("fashion designer") owner that does that is lazy and greedy! Ok, eventually, if I ever make it into the higher levels of the fashion world, I can't do everything myself, I will need to hire sewers. But they will be 100% educated in the traditional craftsmanship of sewing, and yes, it will cost me something, but I will get more appriciated and continue to sell and garantee high quality products, as I started with myself one day.

Last year I bought myself a nice Tommy Hilfiger winter coat. I assumed that for the price (€ 300 euros) I would get the real thing, so I didn't even look on the tag where it was made. A few weeks later the coat was falling apart. The lining material in the arms came off, the front stitched folds were loosing rope. Really upset I go back to the store where I purchased the coat. Unfortunately I was a week late to exchange, so bye bye nice coat and my € 300 euros. I wouldn't have been that much upset if it was repairable, but it wasn't! Back home the tag (which was placed in the sleeve) said what I was afraid of, "made in China". Flabbergasted as I was, I decided to never buy anything from Tommy Hilfiger again. Such a big name in the fashion industry, but such a bad quality for that price that you pay. I don't understand why people keep on buying that shit, because of the brand tag?

I promised myself to never get myself convinced by anybody to have my collection produced by a country other than the country of origion, which is The Netherlands. Greed, more money and exploitation just don't do it for me. If I eventually can pay all my bills with what I do passionately, I would be the most happy real fashion designer in the world!

Gotta get back to work! Have a great week at work everyone!

Love to all,
Lucie Flores

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