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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beaded leather wrap bracelets explosion!

Goodmorning world,

OMG, I have been so busy with my business the last couple of days, I didn't even have the time to sleep normal. Since I started uploading my new beaded leather wrap bracelets I have been doing a little overtime.
I'm always investigating the net to see what is hot in different parts of the world. I get inspired by every culture, mostly by Mexico. As this country is the country of birth of my husband, it is extra special. My style is based on colorful Mexican vintage fashion. When I get inspired by another culture I always try to bring back the Mexican flavor. Exactly as I did with my new beaded leather wrap bracelets. These bracelets are super hot in the US at this moment, worn by celebrities. The thing that I didn't like about these bracelets is that everybody makes identical pieces. Why? People look at the Chan Luu (the introducer) beaded leahter wrap bracelets and just imitate. Most of these bracelets sold on the net are by the way not even handmade by the designer or seller: CHINA IMPORT! Do you think Chan Luu hires people from the US the make these bracelets... hell no! I have seen hundreds of Chinese suppliers that offer these bracelets, they carve your company name in the button and you have your "own five times around leather wrap bracelets" for 3 dollars a piece. Exploitation? Specially when the bracelet is being sold for 120 dollars. Disgusting! The funny thing is that buyers don't even know, or just don't want to know....

So, I used the concept and started designing my own. I use different materials and keep it as eco-friendly as possible, all unique in my own style without any imitation, AND of course, all are handmade by ME! I do get appreciated for it, finally, hopefully I will get more appreciated in the near future :).

Any feedback is welcome of course! For an overview of all bracelets, visite my website!

Love to all,
Lucie Flores

Some examples:


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